Cement tiles machine

ADVANTAGE OF Fully automatic encaustic tiles machine

    1、Three layers of raw materials are automatically added(liquid pigment/cement/)
    2、Automatic cleaning of copper mold
    3、Automatically clean the bottom surface of the mold
    4、Automatic demoulding
    5、Consistent product appearance and high efficiency
    6、One person can operate the machine 150 piece / hour


Encaustic cement tiles consist of a thick layer of cement, hence the name of "cement tile", and a top layer of marble powder and / or ground pellets with organic pigment which makes the top layer, the pattern layer.
An artificially soldered copper pattern template (mold) defines the pattern. A pattern may consist of a quarter or a whole pattern. For a quarter pattern, 4 tiles are needed to make 1 whole pattern. In a whole pattern, 1 pattern is on 1 tile.

The copper mold is placed in a counter mold of a tile pressing machine. The copper mold is now filled with the liquid-processed marble powder. Usually into different colors and shapes.

The good news is that the encaustic tiles making process is automatically by the machine.
Art & Moule provides for a valued customer of all shapes / sizes and we have requested the following forms:
Mold for cement tiles:
50x50 cm, 40x40 cm, 30x30 cm, 25x25 cm, 20x20 cm, 15x15 cm

A tagline: If you request a different form or a specific type, please send us your request on the contact page and we in our turn, we will immediately respond to your request.





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