Cement tiles machine

Floor tile making machine

    1.German and Japanese electrical accessories
    2.Customized requirements
    3.Shipped in 25 days
    4.Free design production line
    5.Install equipment at customer factory
    6.Training techniques
    7.7X24 hours after-sales service
    8.The Best Price


SHM floor tile machine production line equipment includes: 
mixer .feeder. floor tile press. Auto  polishing machine.
2. Pressure: 200-600T  or customized pressure
3. ALL Power:  30+72KW
4. Max.size: 1000X1000mm
5. Floor tile density:2.6T/m³
6. Raw materials: cement, stone powder, pebbles, pigment act
Main Information
1. This floor tile making machine is a ideal choice to produce middle size tiles, like terrazzo tiles, concrete tiles,artificial marbl tiles,encaustic tiles etc
include size:300X300 400X400 500X500 600X600 800x800mm 1200x600mm 600x900mm etc
2. The machine can be automatically controlled and operated, it adopts PLC control system, can make the whole production line works auto.
3. It has many advantages compare with other machine: Low investment, less consumption, high production capacity, water saving etc. 
4. Any small size floor tiles (200x200 / 100x100), you can produce it by cutting
5. Use parts from Germany and Japan,Ensures stable operation of the production line
6. You can use different raw materials to produce different grades of floor tiles
7. Get different colors floor tiles through adding different color pigments.


    SHM floor tile making machine production line equipment includes: mixer .feeder. floor tile press. cement polishing machine. The production line requires 8 workers. you need choose the automatic concreat polishing machine to achieve the best product quality.Another question is that you need to buy a terrazzo cutting machine to cut the four sides of the floor tiles to make the best product.



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