Tile Cutting Machine

manual control tile cutting machine

    1. Cut marble and terrazzo tile up to 3000mm long and 1200mm width.
    2.The pillar the crossbeam and the table are built in strong cast iron for stability durability and low resonance.
    3.It is good for heavy load cutting.
    4.The up/down movement left/right movement are driven by motor.
    5.Manual tilting head.
    6.Powerful disc motor.


The tile cutting machine adopts steel and casting iron structure, man-machine integration mode of operation, the cutting head can rotate 90 °, electric up and down, electric right and left, workbench drive by hand , the whole structure strong and stable, stable performance and nice appearance. High efficiency and cutting accuracy, is suitable for cutting small slabs, bar, slabs trimming, chamfer and etc.

Model SHM105
Processing dimension 3000*1200*150mm
Applicable saw blade Ф350-Ф600mm
Main engine powe 7.5KW
Outline dimension 4.4*1.8*2.1M
Weight 1.8T
This model of cutting machine is most suitable for cutting terrazzo tiles. You can use this equipment to cut terrazzo tiles of any size.


    The main purposes: tile cutting production stepping / stair tiles floor / foot line brick marble and other stone tiles processing
    1. Features: safe accurate durable non-collapse edge easy to operate running balance no vibration low noise;
    2. Uses: mainly used for the foot line cascade brick wall 45 degrees paste V-type dry hanging all kinds of floor tiles stone walls and other interior decoration.



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